Public-Private Partnerships

The success of the ARMS program at the Milan Commercial Complex rests solely on public-private partnerships. A public-private partnership is an agreement between a government entity (in this case, the Milan Army Ammunition Plant) and private industries (American Ordnance LLC) or entities to perform work or utilize facilities and equipment. Through this public-private partnership, the Milan Commercial Complex has been able to build relationships with business from the community. The public-private partnership initiative is directed toward improving the output and performance of the Milan Army Ammunition Plant through increased participation by the private sector via industrial partnering. The primary intent of the initiative is to improve support to the warfighter by enabling the plant to develop appropriate partnerships with the commercial sector that will also allow the plant to retain certain core capabilities. Appropriate partnering with private industry will help sustain core maintenance capabilities, facilities, and technical expertise in the workforce as well as reduce operating costs of the facility for the government. More information is available in the Public-Private Partnership Handbook.

About the ARMS Incentive Program

One incentive program that makes the Milan Commercial Complex unique when compared to other industrial and commercial parks in the region is the Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support (ARMS) program.

ARMS is an entrepreneurial government initiative to encourage and support a private sector presence at under-utilized or inactive government facilities. The ARMS program encourages and increases private sector use of the Milan Army Ammunitions Plant by offering prospective commercial and industrial businesses the opportunity to locate at eligible facilities through public-private partnerships. Businesses can leverage and accelerate growth and expansion through financial and in-kind incentives such as building modifications and improvements, and tailored financing arrangements.

Whether the company is an emerging high-tech start-up or a Fortune 500 manufacturing corporation, the ARMS program is a viable source of support for businesses looking to start, expand or relocate their enterprise at the Milan Commercial Complex.

Tennessee State Incentives

  • Tennessee is a (right to work state)
  • Raw and Industrial materials used for production are tax free
  • Finished product inventory is exempt from property taxes
  • Accelerated depreciation of machinery and equipment

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Tennessee Incentives for Business

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