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The Dynamic Building Plan concept shown below is a design driven, visually presented planning process. The concept revolves around three main incentives: lower capital investment, expedited launch for construction and higher visibility in the marketing efforts. As a result, this level of preparedness means our clients have a higher confidence level in our product.

The building shown below on the Milan Graball Industrial Site has been designed to meet the future needs of the site. Layout of the buildings and grading plans have been completed, this means we can get to work on your building sooner. The buildings have been designed to a schematic level which provides a greater understanding of what will work on this site and allow us to provide preliminary budgets for both the building and the site work. Schedules have been developed by local contractors and with plans in hand; the Graball Industrial Site is ready to meet client needs. Below the map you can find design plans for the site. While the site is in construction, building plans can be finalized to meet your specific needs and stay on schedule.

Dynamic Building

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Drone Video

Graball Site Files

A1-1a Floorplan Thumbnail
A1-1b Floorplan Thumbnail
A1-2a Schedules Thumbnail
A1-2b Schedules Thumbnail
A1-3a Schedules Thumbnail
A4-1a Exterior Sections Thumbnail
A4-1b Exterior Sections Thumbnail
A5-1a Building Sections Thumbnail
A5-1b Building Sections Thumbnail
A6-1a Wall Sections Thumbnail
A6-1b Wall Sections Thumbnail
C1-0 Existing Site Conditions Thumbnail
C2-0 Site Layout Thumbnail
C2-1 Site Layout Thumbnail
C3-0 Site Grading Plan Thumbnail
C4-0 Site Erosion Control Plan Thumbnail
C5-0 Site Details Thumbnail